Dr. Ann Marie D'Angelo A.P.R.N.,BC.

Family Care Connections, LLC

Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager

Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Providing comprehensive health care management, counseling and advocacy to individuals & their families"

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager?

- The Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager is masters prepared, holds advanced clinical and academic degrees, and board certifications.
- She has years of clinical experience to help individuals and their families navigate through a healthcare crisis.
- She teaches and counsels people so they can understand the extent of their illness and helps them decide on the most appropriate care options in the best possible setting

How We Can Help?

The Nurse Care Manager can perform the necessary physical and mental exams to determine the appropriate level of care including:
- PRI and Screen
- Mini Mental Status Exam
- Other assessment and diagnostic tests to determine care needs
- Determine the appropriate level of care such as:
          > Aging at home
          > Assisted Living

          > Rehabilitation
          > Nursing Home
- Develop an appropriate care plan and ensure that the plan is maintained.


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