What types of Services does the Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager Provide?

The Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager uses research based tools to identify healthcare needs. She is New York State Certified to complete the PRI and Screen to evaluate nursing home placement and frequently utilizes the Mini-Mental Status Exam as well as other tests to evaluate level of care needs.

The evaluation tools are used to determine long and short term care plans. The evaluations can help clients remain at home or go to the most appropriate facility for their care needs.

Services can include:

  • Physical Assessment and Mental Health Evaluations

  • Homecare coordination & Aging in Place

  • PRI and Screen Evaluations

  • Mini-Mental Status Exams

  • Rehabilitation, Nursing Home & Assisted Living Placements

  • Individual & Family Education and Counseling

  • Patient Advocacy

The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager and Geriatric Care Manager:

The Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager and Geriatric Care Manager has advanced degrees and years of clinical experience. This background is essential in order to meet the complex and challenging issues surrounding a serious illness as well as end-of-life care. When people are experiencing a serious health crisis it can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. In addition it is frequently difficult to access the many levels of care in a coordinated and effective manner. There are many skills required in order to effectively coordinate healthcare in today’s market place. When a person is experiencing a serious illness the average person typically does not have the knowledge or familiarity with the healthcare delivery system. Consequently, the quality of care is compromised. During this time of need the Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager and Geriatric Care Manager can be a valuable resource because as a professional with advanced academic and clinical training and experience she can identify the type of care required, and develop and coordinate a comprehensive care plan. In addition she can provide counseling, support, education and resources to the patient and the family.

Counseling and Spiritual Direction:

How can counseling, spiritual direction and mediation be helpful to you and your family?


Emotional and spiritual health are essential for a good and positive quality of life. Counseling and spiritual direction can be an important component to achieving good emotional health. A healthy sense of self is also essential to positive relationships with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. If you feel the need to explore counseling and/or spiritual direction as part of your healthy lifestyle, click here for more information.


‚ÄčSometimes people are confronted with conflicts that threaten their own physical health as well as their emotional health and the health of the family. When this type of conflict occurs it is important that the problem is identified, confronted and resolved in a healthy and positive manner for all of the people involved. This is also true for divorce mediation. Mediation can be a productive and positive approach to the resolution of family conflict. Mediation and family dispute resolution is often less expensive, less adversarial, less time-consuming and the process also can pave the way for the future of family free conflict in which people can relate to one another in a healthy and positive way. For more information about Mediation Services ,click here.

Retirement and Senior Living Planning:

For many, the goal is to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest. In order to achieve this goal it is important to engage in mindful and careful retirement and senior living planning. This type of planning includes health and wellness planning, healthcare planning in the event of illness, financial planning, and estate planning. When planning for the appropriate living environment, our senior living counselors will assist in this planning process and help to develop a senior living plan that is consistent with your goals. We will also refer you to experts in the various disciplines that will be required to put together a comprehensive personal, retirement, and senior living plan.